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Hole In The Barn Pattern

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A hand painted 2' x 2' quilt square for outside or inside display!

Each Barn Quilt is painted on wood.  First the wood is painted with primer, then 3 to 4 coats of exterior paint are used for the quilt pattern, finishing with 3 coats of clear UV resistant sealer applied to all sides & edges to protect the block from outside elements.

Barn Quilts can be seen on barns throughout the United States.  Many of our states have established  "
Barn Quilt Trails" that can be followed to see the amazing Barn Quilts across our country.

Our Barn Quilts are made in a smaller size for those who may not have a 'real' barn, but want to enjoy a colorful country accent!

Hang them on a garden shed door, a porch, above a garage door, anywhere in or on your home!

They aren't just for barns anymore!! 




Barn quilts take approximately 2-6 weeks to paint & complete. 

Would you like this quilt pattern painted in different colors? 
Not a problem! 
If you need a custom color, just send us an email at barnquiltstore@comcast.net with the quilt pattern name & colors you prefer. 




Our Price:  $100.00  

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