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Railroad Crossing Pattern

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A hand painted 2' x 2' quilt square for outside or inside display!

Each Barn Quilt is painted on wood.  First the wood isnpainted with primer, then 3 to 4 coats of exterior paint are used for the quilt pattern, finishing with 3 coats of clear UV resistant sealer applied to all sides & edges to protect the block from outside elements.

Barn Quilts can be seen on barns throughout the United States.  Many of our states have established  "Barn Quilt Trails" that can be followed to see the amazing Barn Quilts across our country.

Our Barn Quilts are made in a smaller size for those who may not have a 'real' barn, but want to enjoy a colorful country accent!

Hang them on a garden shed door, a porch, above a garage door, anywhere in or on your home!

They aren't just for barns anymore!!

Barn quilts take approximately 2-6 weeks to paint & complete. 

Would you like this quilt pattern painted in different colors? 
Not a problem! 
If you need a custom color, just send us an email at barnquiltstore@comcast.net with the quilt pattern name & colors you prefer. 




Our Price:  $100.00  

Units:       Each

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